Psychoeducational Testing for Students of Higher Learning

You often hear about different types of psychological testing needed for younger aged students; however, older students in college, grad school, and various professional schools (e.g., real estate school) can all greatly benefit from the different psychological and educational - “psychoeducational” - test batteries offered by CheckIt Assessment Solutions. Our goal is to assist students to prepare for, be admitted to, and complete grad school, all the way through professional licensure. Some examples of graduate programs we assist with are Law School, Medical School, Business School, Dental School, Pharmacy School, Veterinary School, and master’s and doctoral degrees in a myriad of professions. Psychoeducational assessments can provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses, identify learning disabilities and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), help diagnose emotional conditions that may be interfering with performance (e.g. anxiety and depression), and can illuminate negative mindsets that may be self-defeating. Our testing process quickly establishes a roadmap that will help a student navigate their career pursuits from program admission through professional licensure.

Why Would College Students or Graduate Students Need Psychoeducational Testing?

There are numerous reasons why undergraduate and graduate students would benefit from psychoeducational testing. First, it can identify a student’s learning strengths and weaknesses so that he or she can acquire appropriate tutoring and choose the right test prep program. Second, it can help diagnose clinical disorders (e.g. dyslexia, ADHD, and performance anxiety) that can inform treatment and qualify a student for academic accommodations (such as classroom accommodations, accommodations on entrance exams, and accommodations for state licensing exams). Third, it can identify and explain to prospective programs factors that may have contributed to a lower than desired GPA and/or poor scores on entrance exams. When our testing is complete, the results are compiled into a comprehensive report, explained to the student, and then we will assist the implementation of our recommendations. If there are any medical or pharmaceutical needs that are identified during testing, the report can also be sent to a treating physician.

Psychoeducational Assessment by Doctoral Prepared Licensed Psychologists

Many services exist that are touted to assist students with the process of grad school preparation, admission, and performance. Namely, tutoring services, test prep services, and certain educational consultants. In almost every case, these companies are directed by, and employ, non-clinical professionals. Though many of these companies have merit, they often lack one crucial component, an initial psychoeducational test battery that guides their process. This is akin to receiving medical treatment for physical symptoms without knowing your diagnosis. At CheckIt Assessment Solutions, our psychoeducational batteries are always overseen by licensed psychologists with PhD’s who are qualified to interpret test data, make diagnoses, and formulate treatment plans. In fact, in most states, psychologists are the only professionals who are legally allowed to interpret and “sign off” on comprehensive psychological assessment reports, especially adult reports that require in depth personality testing. In almost all cases, test services such as ETS (they own and administer the Graduate Record Exam or “GRE”), and graduate programs like medical and law school, require a full psychological test battery and an appropriately constructed report, signed off on by a psychologist, to grant requested accommodations. Even if you do not use “Check It” to meet your assessment needs, always attain testing from a licensed psychologist who has attained a PhD or PsyD.

The data we gather during psychoeducational testing is invaluable in tailoring specific tutoring and study strategies, determining if a clinical diagnosis is present, guiding treatment referrals if a diagnosis is present, and helping eligible students gain accommodations in school or on entrance exams and state licensing tests. We will only submit an accommodations request if we determine you meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) criteria. Because we understand how to frame test data in the report narrative, we can attain requested accommodations almost 100% of the time we choose to submit a request.

If we do not believe a student meets the standards necessary for academic accommodations, then our assessments can still be helpful. Specifically, the assessment data can be used to generate letters of support and explanation to be included with applications to various graduate programs (such a letter that explains how a depressive episode in a previous semester may have contributed to a lower GPA). Because we hold PhD’s in psychology, our thorough assessment reports are highly respected and trusted among admissions committees, testing companies who administer the major entrance exams, grad school faculty, and state licensing boards.

Ongoing Consulting Services

“Check It” is also different because we don’t stop with the assessment. After the assessment is complete, our assessment consultants will be available to confer with you as you enact our various recommendations (e.g. helping you find a doctor to prescribe meds; helping you to find a therapist; helping you to find a study program; or helping you navigate the process of attaining accommodations at your school or on an entrance or licensing exam). We also provide packages that can provide unlimited enhancement letters and reduced cost “re-assessment” if it is necessary prior to attaining licensure in your chosen field.  

Check It Assessment Solutions offers psychoeducational assessment batteries by experts in the field of testing – doctoral prepared licensed psychologists. Your career is vital so please do not settle for sub-standard assessments performed by unqualified professionals.